About arcQ

arcQ supports young people to discover their own path and fulfil their potential. We recognise differences, challenge assumptions, and guide young people in accessing the opportunities around them.

We work with young people, their families and community organisations to identify their learning preferences, discover their passions and build an exciting path to their future – a path that leaves their unique mark on the world.

We believe that humans are all on a spectrum of differences and similarities. Everyone learns differently and has different strengths and needs. We all bring our unique perspective to the world and there are many ways to show intelligence. Traditional educational approaches are too often inflexible and don’t give young people the opportunities they need to thrive and grow.

Our approach is based on the professional and personal experiences of our founders over several decades – spanning educational psychology, school leadership, teaching and consultancy, as well as intercultural understanding and inclusion.


Why the name arcQ?

The name arcQ came out of a discussion around the arc, and how it is the strongest of architectural supports. The term arc can also be used with reference to a spectrum or a rainbow.  We imagine that this strong spectrum represents all people and the various ways in which they show intelligence.

The Q in arcQ is for quotient (the magnitude of a particular characteristic/quality), but we are replacing the traditional notion of IQ with one of a spectrum of intelligence which we at arcQ are supporting the development of.

Our Guiding Principles

We All Belong

We all have a place.


We learn when we are happy, safe and healthy.

One Spectrum

We are all on a spectrum of differences and similarities.

Multiple Intelligence

Intelligence is about much more than IQ.


We can determine our own path.

Our Approach

Using arcQ’s expertise in educational psychology, school leadership, teaching and consultancy, we work with each young person on an individual basis and build them a unique profile. This also incorporates their family and the environment in which they live – their home, school and the community organisations with which they interact.

We then spend time with the individual and their family before developing a plan which includes recommended resources, tools, advice on organisations they can work with, as well as goals and timelines.

Our approach is a three step process:

1. Assessment

This involves carefully developed questionnaires which are completed by the individual, family and relevant community organisations (e.g. current school, college).

  • The profile begins with two questionnaires which are completed by the young person (with assistance when needed) and their family or carers.
  • arcQ compiles information to begin developing an assessment report.

Take our assessment here.

2. Profile building

An assessment report is then developed by arcQ, informed by the questionnaires and further meetings with the individual and family.

  • arcQ meets with the young person and their family to discuss the profile based on the assessment. We identify which community institutions the young person needs or wants to engage with. The profile will also include timelines for following up on how things are progressing.
  • We start our search for organisations and related community resources that will be needed.

3. Plan for self-advocacy

We work with the individual to develop a plan to enable the young person to self-advocate and be their own agent of change moving forward.

  • A plan is developed with agreed goals, a list of what resources are needed to achieve them and timelines.
Click here to learn about arcQ’s Inclusion and Diversity services for schools.

What is My Story?

My name is Siena Erbe and my path as an individual has not always been easy, but arcQ has helped me as a writer to find my voice as a writer and to learn at my own pace to better advocate in life and in the workforce.

Challenges are a part of life. I know they have been a constant when it comes to advocating for myself. Personally, I struggle asking for the help I need. This is where arcQ, a company dedicated to helping those who learn differently comes in. The team at arcq has helped me as an aspiring writer which, in turn has greatly improved my confidence. My challenges range from processing information to articulating what I need help with. The team is there to help with social, health as well as job counselling that is catered towards someone who has a learning difficulty.  Before working with arcQ, I did not understand that I could actually overcome my obstacles through writing. I taught myself how to write but arcQ has enabled me to find my voice as a writer.