My name is Siena Erbe and my path as an individual has not always been easy, but arcQ has helped me as a writer to find my voice as a writer and to learn at my own pace to better advocate in life and in the workforce.

Challenges are a part of life. I know they have been a constant when it comes to advocating for myself. Personally, I struggle asking for the help I need. This is where arcQ, a company dedicated to helping those who learn differently comes in. The team at arcq has helped me as an aspiring writer which, in turn has greatly improved my confidence. My challenges range from processing information to articulating what I need help with. The team is there to help with social, health as well as job counselling that is catered towards someone who has a learning difficulty.  Before working with arcQ, I did not understand that I could actually overcome my obstacles through writing. I taught myself how to write but arcQ has enabled me to find my voice as a writer.

Now I am focused on becoming a writer, so I am striving to find my place. I have found that I work well as a freelance or in a relaxed office space rather than a buzzing corporate company. arcQ has helped me to be myself through starting two blogs with advice on how to get past writer’s block. My blogging has been helpful because arcQ guided me helping with my confidence, allowing me to become more confident with their feedback. Personally, I need guidance to write encouragement to feel good about the content.

With my anxiety I have a really hard time verbalizing ways to help me do my best. Generally, I find it easier when I have a detailed brief to work from guidelines so I can focus more on my writing style improving my technique. I tend to get excited about new ideas or projects, so I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the process.

In the past, having Visio-spatial disorder as well as anxiety makes simple tasks difficult. Visio-spatial disorder means not understanding large amounts of information, in turn processing slower. I have found my anxiety makes new tasks seem daunting.  But with arcQ, I have learned to help myself by just asking for what I need, such as using Google Maps to find my destination, and practicing what I want to say and how I will say it.

Learning difficulties are more common than some would think. As individuals we learn differently.  I am a visual learner yet have trouble processing verbal instructions. This means that when someone gives me instructions verbally, I have trouble understanding. Instead, I use detailed notes to help me better accomplish the task.

My learning differences have become much easier to manage since working with arcQ allowing me to be productive and confident about my work. This applies to my job applications as well. arcQ has given me the opportunity to create a portfolio of work so I can have an easier time when applying for jobs.

So now that I understand my learning differences, I can focus on how to find my strengths. This is especially the case with writing. arcQ has made it easier for me to accomplish long-standing issues like anxiety.

One major achievement comes to mind through working with arcQ. I have learned that I can be successful in writing as long as I can advocate for myself. It is important for me to remember that I work in my own pace and take time to understand my needs. With this in mind I am able to better grasp my strengths as opposed to weaknesses.